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From subsea applications on “Christmas Trees” or Blow Out Preventors to Seismic Survey Trucks, Pipeline Monitoring, Case Profiling and Cutter and Drill direction, Sentech LVDTs are designed for your most demanding application.  We feature designs that operate under water, under pressure and in extreme temperatures.  Let us design a LVDT for your most demanding application.

LVDT and RVDT technologies play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of various oil and gas processes.Both LVDTs and RVDTs are non-contacting position sensors that convert mechanical displacement into electrical signals. While LVDTs measure linear displacement, RVDTs measure angular displacement. These sensors are renowned for their accuracy, repeatability, and their ability to withstand harsh conditions, making them an ideal fit for the challenging environments typical of the oil and gas industry.

Applications of LVDTs and RVDTs in Oil & Gas

Valve Positioning: In the oil and gas industry, accurate valve positioning is essential to regulate flow rates and maintain operational safety. LVDTs and RVDTs are commonly used to monitor and control valve positions, offering feedback that helps ensure smooth and safe operation.

Drilling Equipment: In drilling operations, LVDTs and RVDTs play a vital role in monitoring the position and movement of various components. From detecting drill bit displacement to overseeing the operation of downhole drilling tools, these sensors contribute significantly to the efficiency and safety of drilling operations.

Pipeline Inspection Gauges (PIGs): LVDTs are often used in Pipeline Inspection Gauges to measure various parameters like pipeline diameter, curvature, or corrosion. The data provided by LVDTs helps identify pipeline defects early, avoiding costly repairs and potential accidents.

Subsea Equipment: In the challenging subsea environment, LVDTs and RVDTs help monitor and control the position and movement of various equipment, including Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and subsea production systems. Their ability to withstand high pressures and corrosive conditions makes them invaluable for such applications.

Gas Turbines: In gas turbines, LVDTs and RVDTs provide crucial feedback on blade position, shaft movement, and other components. Their precision and reliability contribute to efficient and safe turbine operation.

The Future of LVDTs and RVDTs in Oil & Gas

With the ongoing technological advancements in the oil and gas sector, the role of LVDTs and RVDTs is set to grow. These sensors will continue to be integral in managing complex processes, from drilling to production, and from monitoring to maintenance.

The robust and precise nature of LVDTs and RVDTs plays a significant role in ensuring the oil and gas industry's safe and efficient operation. Through the precise feedback they provide, these sensors contribute to enhanced productivity, improved safety, and greater operational reliability in a sector where precision and reliability are of paramount importance.

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