Aerospace Turbine Applications

A turbo fan, a gas turbine engine is the most widely used in aviation. A turbo fan engine is very fuel efficient and provides high thrust at low speeds, therefore used in many aerospace applications. These engines work by sucking the are into the front of the engine using a fan. From there, the engine compresses the air, mixing fuel with it, ignites the fuel and air mixture and shoots it out the back of the engine, thus creating the thrust.

Sentech’s Aerospace LVDT, Linear Variable Differential Transformer, and RVDT, Rotary Variable Differential Transformer, offers solutions for the Thrust Reverser, Stator Vanes, Fuel Controls and Engine Control Systems. We offer solutions based on the needs of our customers. Our engineering team designs with the customers’ needs by offering a complete system design.

Typical Applications

  • Valve Pitch Actuators
  • Engine bleed air systems
  • Fuel Controls
  • Thrust Vector Control
  • Valve Position Feedback
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