Rotary Variable Differential Transducers (RVDTs)

RVDTs provide an extremely reliable measurement solution for precision rotational position displacement (position) measurements in aviation, and many other markets. The RVDTs non contacting feature ensures high reliability and repeatability for angular displacement transducer measurements. RVDTs are used wherever angular position feedback is required for position monitoring or as part of a closed loop control system. The construction of the RVDT sensor prevents direct contact between the moving and the stationary part. The result is long operational life.

Sentech has offered rotary displacement transducer with or without shaft bearings across the globe for 35+ years. The sensor measures 0.75” to 1.50″ in outside diameter. The mounting can be a standard servo mount  Size 8, 11, 15 servo mount. Angular position sensor measurement range is ±70 degrees (140°). The mechanical range is a full 360 degrees.

Sentech provides industry standard units or we can customize an aerospace RVDT transducer with a cost-effective solution for your application. Select either DC/DC RVDT (with integral electronics) or AC/AC RVDT. AC/AC RVDTs require signal conditioners to power the sensor and provide a DC output. Sentech has signal conditioners for your needs. When it comes to LVDT sensors vs RVDT sensors our rotary variable differential transducer will also work with most of the commonly available LVDT/RVDT signal conditioner. In addition, we make dual, redundant RVDTs and/or certified Intrinsically Safe or Non-Incendive protection for Hazardous Environments. RVDTs offer a reliable solution for severe environment applications.


Rotary Displacement Transducer Channels

Single-Channel RVDT Sensors

Sentech designs and manufactures RVDTs for use in wide variety of RVDT applications where rotary position sensing with high reliability and accuracy are essential. A single channel RVDT provides the user with a single output from the sensor to be used for position feedback. The single channel RVDT can be configured to operate from a DC input voltage and provide a 4-20ma output or DC output voltage. They can be designed for bipolar operations as well. The AC version offers the ability to work well with external signal conditioning device provided by Sentech or with an external conditioner of the customers choice. The RVDT features shaft bearings for minimal friction and they are the premier choice for high reliability rotary sensing requirements.

Multi-Channel RVDT Sensors

Sentech designs and manufactures redundant RVDTs for use in a wide variety of critical rotary sensing applications. Sentech has provided Single through Triple redundant RVDT designs. Incorporating two or three separate repeatable position sensing elements in one housing allows for up to three unique position outputs in application of RVDTs. Providing assurance that you will ever lose position information in your critical closed loop feedback system. If one internal sensor should fail, other channels will still provide you with the output that your system critically needs to maintain proper function at all times. These multi channel RVDTs can often be found in valve and actuator position feedback in power generation operations. They are also found in critical aircraft flight controls, engine controls and in nose wheel steering actuation.

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