LVDT Manufacturer For Commercial Aircrafts: Helicopters

LVDT & RVDT Manufacturer For HelicoptersLVDT & RVDT Manufacturer For Helicopters

There are many applications throughout the fix and rotary wing where the LVDTs and RVDTs can be used to measure the positions of multiple instruments.  Our LVDTs and RVDTs are used in control surface position applications, pilot controls, and on-engine feedback.

As an LVDT manufacturer, Sentech’s team of engineers will work with our customers to design the most cost-effective solutions for commercial helicopters. Sentech offers the most robust design for either of it’s single channel LVDT, Linear Variable Differential Transformer, LVDT Displacement Sensor, and RVDT, Rotary Variable Differential Transformer or its multi-channel LVDT’s and RVDT’s.

Sentech offers AC or DC units in conformance with long-term life requirements. LVDT Sensor prices are in accordance with RTCA-DO-160 and MIL-STD-810.

Typical Applications

  • Cockpit controls
  • Pedal position
  • Autopilot position
  • Main rotor
  • Actuator position
  • Control Augmentation stability
  • Power drive unit
  • Engine valves
  • Door position
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