Magnetic Pickups

Standard MPU

Our aim is to align principles with applications, practices with experiences, and performance with specifications. We specialize in designing and manufacturing Magnetic Pickups, delivering high-performance solutions at a low cost.

Our magnetic pickups are sensitive, shock-resistant, versatile, and reliable in harsh conditions. They enhance system performance, efficiency, and on-board diagnostics, adding value to your operations.

Perfect for applications in heavy equipment speed, transmission, engine governors, and camshaft/crankshaft positioning and output, our sensors come in custom, standard, and OEM replacement options. Contact Sentech for detailed specification sheets.


  • Self-powered operation
  • Simple installation
  • No moving parts
  • Operates over wide speed range
  • Customized versions available
  • Adapts to various configurations
  • Rugged design sealed for harsh enviornments


  • Engine and Motor RPM
  • Gear Speed Measurement
  • Servo Motion Control
  • Turbines/Power Generation
  • Transmission Cam/Crank Shaft
  • Vehicle Wheel Slip/Traction Control
  • Compressors and Pumps

Typical Specification

Supply Voltage Range

.7 V p-p to 190 V p-p

Coil Resistance

68 OHMS to 5000 OHMS


7 mH to 500 mH

Air Gap

.003” to .080”

Pole Piece Shapes

Cylindrical, Conical, Chisel-tip, Stepped, Custom


.020” to .250”

Min. Surface Speed

10 IPS(.25 m/Sec.) Typ.

Frequency Range

0 Hz to 15 KHz Typ.

Vibration Meets

Mil-Std 202F Method 204D

Operating Temperatures

-55°C to 180°C

Housing Diameter

1.25” to .187” Metric Sizes M18 to M8

Housing Material/Style

Stainless Steel, Plastic threaded or non-threaded, Aluminum, Molded, Stamped, Brazed


More than 30 standard terminal configurations. Available to your specification.

Digital MPU

Our Digimag Digital Magnetic Pickups have transformed the use of magnetic sensors in the computer peripherals industry, where affordability and compact design are crucial.

These pickups generate a digital pulse output when detecting the transition from non-magnetic to magnetic material passing by the pole piece. The output pulse's rise and fall times, as well as its amplitude, are independent of the speed at which the magnetic discontinuity moves. The maximum rise time is 1,000 nanoseconds, and the maximum fall time is 50 nanoseconds.

Customized for optimal performance according to your specifications. Contact Sentech for more details or help with filling out our online questionnaire.


  • Computing
  • High-speed counting
  • Positioning
  • Tachometry
  • Syncronization
  • Flow metering
  • Machine Control


  • Wide Ranging application from component flexibility
  • Constant amplitude digital output
  • Positive and negative going logic signals
  • Protection against target input conditions
  • Operate throughout a wide range of supply voltages
  • Air gap and surface speed combinations of 0.010" at 20 IPS to 0.075" at 2500 IPS

Typical Specification

Supply Voltage Range

+5 Vdc to 15 Vdc

Supply Current

6 mA max

Output (at 5 Vdc supply)

0.2 V low; 4.75 V high

Output (at 15 Vdc supply)

0.2 V low; 14.25 V high

Output Resistance

4.0k OHM

Target Material


Cutoff Frequency

20 kHz

Typical Air Gaps

0.003” to 0.080”

Polarity of Output Pulse

Positive or Negative


to 0.010”

Operating Temperature

-25°C to 85°C


0.25” OD to 0.875”OD
0.875” length to 4.625” length

Case Materials

Magnetic or Non-magnetic stainless steel, aluminum, plastic.
Terminal Configurations Available to your specification.

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