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75S1DC Series DC/DC

0.750″ (19.05 mm) diameter, 15 VDC In, 0-10 VDC Out

The 75S1DC Series LVDT includes integrated electronics with an AC/AC coil. It accepts ±15 V DC input and offers 0-10 V DC single-sided output. The stable oscillator drives the primary coil and a precision demodulator and state-of-the-art filter produce smooth DC output voltage.

The output, unaffected by power supply variations, can be connected directly to a meter, op amp, or data acquisition board, and therefore is very useful for feedback, monitoring, or test systems. Its rugged construction will resist the shocks and vibrations occurring in most industrial environments. Units are also magnetically shielded.


  • Different strokes / Shorter body length
  • Metric threaded / Smaller diameter core
  • Teflon Liner
  • Different supply & output voltage scheme
  • Higher Frequency response
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