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Typical LVDT Applications That Are Used for Space

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

When it comes to LVDT sensors, there are plenty of applications to be aware of. For instance, while LVDT sensors have a wide array of potential applications, one of the most common sectors in which LVDTs are used is the space/aerospace realm. With that in mind, the following is a closer look at the typical applications that are used for space.

space lvdt applications

Defense Satellites and Launch Systems

Some of the most common uses for LVDTs in space are defense satellites and launch systems. In terms of defense satellites, a benefit we get from using LVDTs is that they help position satellite panels towards the sun. This helps us get the energy from the sun onto the satellites, to keep them floating in space.

As far as launch systems are concerned, LVDTs allow for optimal performance while needing minimal maintenance. This is ideal when dealing with launch systems as they may be frequently inaccessible and difficult to service.

Valve Pitch Actuators

As far as valve pitch actuators are concerned, LVDTs play a major role in their overall functionality. For instance, the sensor serves as a tool for confirming that the valve actuator has moved in the proper position, ensuring it functioned properly.

Engine Bleed Air Systems

When it comes to engine bleed air systems, they are used to help regulate the amount of air being bled into the system. This is how it creates energy and uses fuel to optimize the engine's performance.

Fuel Controls

As far as fuel controls are concerned, a LVDT helps to ensure the fuel is being optimally used at all times. Thus, making sure it’s releasing the fuel at the optimum time of performance, giving you the proper performance to fuel ratio.

Thrust Vector Control

When it comes to the thrust vector control, the LVDT is essentially positioning the vector on the bottom of the missile or rocket. This way it’s moving the direction of the thrust from the engine to control the altitude of the aircraft, or the angular velocity of the rocket.

Valve Position Feedback

Lastly, a linear displacement transducer provides feedback in terms of the valve position to show that they're helping to control the actuator and that they're helping to monitor/ manage the valve position.

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Key Takeaways:

  • LVDTs have a wide array of uses.
  • LVDTs can be used to help with valve position feedback, thrust vector control, and more.
  • LVDTs are only optimally functional when you purchase them from reputable companies.

Overall, if you are seeking RVDT or LVDT sensors, your friends here at Sentech are here to help. Although LVDTs are versatile, they are only durable and low maintenance when LVDT construction is done by a company you can trust. As a company that has been in existence for decades, simply contact us for more information and a quote for materials, installation, etc. Rather than settling for inferior manufacturers, contact our team of experts here at Sentech.

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