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How our Subsea LVDTs Help Navy-Military Submarines

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The U.S. Navy operates the most sophisticated military submarines in the world, which is why Sentech’s Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDTs) are used in subsea equipment. The versatility and reliability of LVDTs enable mission-critical functions and enhance the effectiveness of maritime vessels. Below we’ll look at the key points on LVDTs and their advantages.

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Subsea Motion Measurement

LVDT uses and applications are many in the U.S. Navy because these devices provide a precise linear displacement and gauging measurement. Displacements are converted into electrical signals for indication and control purposes. This means that LVDTs can be used in fuel storage systems, missile guidance systems, and an array of important equipment. Subsea motion measurement is essential on submarines given the nature of operations. Sentech makes submarines more efficient, by providing crew members the information they need for decision-making.

Materials for Harsh Environments

LVDTs come in various materials including multiple types of stainless steel, Inconel, and other materials capable of withstanding salt water, contaminants, and abrasives. LVDTs are designed to withstand stresses, pressures, and harsh environments while conforming to ISO quality standards. The U.S. Navy can implement Sentech transducers with the confidence they will perform to specifications. The functionality of these transducers gives the U.S. Navy an edge.

Diverse Operational Applications

LVDTs are versatile in their applications as they are used in marine propulsion systems, defense satellites, launch systems, and robotic controls. For submarines, these transducers are utilized in air, water, and fuel systems among other vital equipment. This enables vessels and crew members to conduct operations safely and efficiently. The accurate measuring of linear position and displacement is critical underwater. Sentech transducers continue to meet the demands of the most sophisticated subsea equipment on the planet.

These transducers can also be made for custom applications, prototype equipment, and other sensitive systems. Miniature units, high-temperature units, and pressure sealed units are examples of special applications. Our designers work with U.S. Navy personnel, or their suppliers, to develop effective LVDT solutions for special purposes. Our designers and engineers have decades of experience building units that make U.S. Navy systems more efficient.

subsea lvdt,  subsea motion measurement,  lvdt uses and applications,  Lvdt sensor

Reliability Under Pressure

The U.S. Navy has numerous quality assurance programs and departments designed to uphold the functionality and integrity of equipment, processes, and systems. As a result, a subsea LVDT or LVDT sensor must meet strict specifications to be used in Navy subsea operations. The reliability of Sentech components bolsters quality assurance initiatives and the units perform under pressure. This allows Navy personnel to focus on process deficiencies in other areas while reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Long Useful Life

Sentech LVDTs are designed to operate efficiently for extended periods without repair or replacement, according to the materials used and the applications. This allows U.S. Navy personnel to reallocate labor and run operations using limited resources more efficiently. LVDTs are easy to install or replace, if needed, reducing the amount of training and time needed to maintain the product. Given the effectiveness of these transducers, Navy personnel are more efficient in their jobs.

Key Takeaways:

  • LVDTs provide precise subsea motion measurements and are used in a variety of mission-critical systems.
  • LVDTs are used in air, water, and fuel systems on submarines, allowing for the efficient operation of vessels.
  • LVDTs are made for special purpose applications and customized specifications.

Sentech is a best-in-class designer of electromechanical sensing and actuation devices for industrial and aerospace users. LVDTs play a vital role in the U.S. Navy and military submarines, providing reliable performance during mission-critical operations. To learn more about these dynamic products, contact Sentech today.

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