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How Our LVDTs Help Turbine Applications

Friday, January 29, 2021

Sentech sensors provide the reliability and accuracy many industries need to safely function. The sensors are key to interpreting applications in dynamically controlled environments.

Sentech Sensors for Aviation

LVDTs and RVDTs (Linear and Rotary Variable Differential Transformers) are essential in turbine-based industries such as aviation and hydraulics. The LVDT provides absolute, linear position measurement, while the RVDT provides high precision rotary or angular position measurements. The LVDTs and RVDTs are well-designed sensors for power turbines.

For example, with a jet turbine engine, the engine functions by sucking air into the engine; that air is then mixed with fuel and blown out the engine's rear, creating lift for the aircraft. The turbine must spin to suck in the air. A LVDT sensor can detect if something is amiss with the engine's rotation. If the actuator blades' position is not correct, alerting pilots the engine is malfunctioning. This could also reduce air intake to the engine, thus reducing thrust. In this instance, the sensors can safely shut the engine down, preventing the malfunctioning engine from creating a drag on a flying aircraft.

Aviation LVDT Applications

One of the typical application for aviation sensors include valve pitch actuators, which determine if the actuators' pitch is correct. Other applications include engine bleed air systems, fuel controls - detecting whether there is proper fuel pressure, thrust vector control, and valve position feedback. Other potential applications include APU controls, cockpit controls, valves, brake-by-wire systems, fly-by-wire systems, and landing gear feedback.

Aircrafts are safe, complicated machines that are dependent on information being conveyed to the Flight Controls Computer and the pilots. Proper sensors are used in engine technologies (such as Turbofan, Turbojet, Turboshaft, and Ramjet Engines) turbines to detect potential problems while providing redundancies and safety points. A malfunctioning sensor can create an information hole for pilots attempting to make the best decision possible.

Sentech Hydraulics Sensors

The same concept applies to Sentech's FASTAR® and HYDRASTAR® sensors for hydraulics and water turbines. The sensors operations is to allow a turbine to power down safely in an emergency. The system can open or close the doors of a power plant valve system while controlling the energy. The sensors are secondary feedback to control the hydraulics or electronic mechanical actuators.

HYDRASTAR® and DC HYDRASTAR® are inductive, non-contacting linear position transducers. They are used with a FASTAR® signal processor. The HYDRASTAR® is designed to be installed in the hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders and actuators, protecting the sensors from being damaged.

Hydraulics Applications

Reliable sensors are needed for the safe, efficient hydraulics and Sentech’s sensors' offer durability and reliability. Some of the HYDRASTAR® and FASTAR® sensors' applications are cylinder feedback, roll position/gap monitoring, vibration analysis, robotic motion control, x-y positioning feedback, hydraulic presses, and liquid level measurement, material handling systems, material testing equipment, and valve monitoring, to name just a few. As with aviation, safety is an essential part of hydraulics. Sentech sensors provide information operators need to make critical decisions, but there would be no way for them to get the information without these sensors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sentech sensors are durable and reliable, providing essential information in extreme environments, and are perfect for wind and water turbines.
  • Safety is a top priority for the aviation and hydraulics industries. Accurate and reliable information is a key component of safety.
  • Sentech sensors have a wide range of applications in the Aerospace and Industrial Sectors.

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