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How Our LVDTs Help the Medical & Biomedical Devices & Manufacturing Industry

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The global economy has pushed competition and quality to new heights, requiring medical device producers and manufacturers to source only the most reliable Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDT). That is why top businesses utilize Sentech LVDTs: they are reliable, efficient, and durable. Below are some of the ways LVDTs in the biomedical field help high-end manufacturers.

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LVDTs Provide Accurate Information

The transducers provide a precise linear displacement, also known as position, and LVDT gauge measurements. This displacement is turned into an electrical signal and indication, allowing for control over equipment, processes, and systems. The instrumentation and decision-making affected by LVDTs are often-times mission-critical, with a significant dollar impact on businesses and the employees in medical device manufacturing plants. With timely and accurate information, money can be saved and operational efficiency can be increased.

Application of LVDT in Medical Field

LVDT medical applications are immense, providing operators with precise measurements on imaging, diagnostic, and instrumentation equipment. Whether it’s in the manufacturing plant where medical devices are made, or when devices are in operation, LVDTs provide the measurements necessary for calibration, decision-making, and system status. Medical monitoring instrumentation and the quality of care are made more effective through the use of reliable transducers. Therefore, LVDTs, and LVDT calibration equipment make it possible to make effective decisions.

Application of LVDT in Biomedical Field

Biomedical measurements, medical recording systems, and biomedical instrumentation require a high level of accuracy and quality. Sentech LVDTs are effective in these devices because they meet or exceed industry standards for quality while requiring low maintenance or upkeep. Applications of LVDT in the biomedical field continue to evolve as the technology does. As a result, Sentech can create custom LVDTs for special applications, based on customer requirements and specific medical devices. Similarly, LVDTs can be used in custom manufacturing processes.

Improving Quality and Process Excellence

Sentech manufactures LVDTs and other components in conjunction with ISO 9001:2015 standards. These guidelines and other quality standards, along with rigorous compliance programs, are often-times a requirement in the medical device and manufacturing industries. Sentech products meet quality standards and are built up to specifications, allowing for diverse applications in harsh environments. For manufacturers looking to enhance their operations and six sigma initiatives, LVDTs sourced from the right supplier is essential.

application of lvdt in medical field, Lvdt medical applications,  applications of lvdt in biomedical field, application of lvdt in biomedical field, application of transducer in medical field

Lower Manufacturing Costs

Through quality and system optimization, come cost savings, and LVDTs allow for effective decisions that reduce machine maintenance, repair, and downtime costs. Small mechanical defects and inefficiencies caught early can keep expensive pumps and fuel systems from failing. Similarly, precise instrumentation monitoring heating and cooling devices are important, because it can reduce safety risks and potential hazards. Operations are more efficient and less costly when Sentech LVDTs are utilized in facilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Applications for Sentech LVDTs include medical diagnostic, imaging, and instrumentation equipment.
  • Biomedical applications of Sentech LVDTs include biomedical measurements, medical recording devices, and biomedical instrumentation.
  • Sentech is a trusted supplier of LVDTs to medical device producers and other manufacturers in need of vendors that provide reliable components.

To learn more about Sentech LVDTs and the application of LVDT transducers in the medical field, please contact us today. Our LVDT sensors serve numerous clients in vital industries, helping to optimize production, equipment, and defense systems. The reliability of our products has earned us a reputation for excellence. Contact us today!

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