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How our LVDTs Help the Industrial Power Generation Industry

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Linear Variable Differential Transformer Sensors (LVDTs) are playing an increasingly important part in helping power generation industries. In particular, our subsea LVDT power generation sensors have proven particularly helpful. Let’s take a closer look at LVDT uses and applications in the context of power generation.

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The Utility of LVDTs

LVDT applications are proving quite important for a wide array of industries in industrial power, as they provide a highly accurate measurement of linear positions. A LVDT is essential for providing and interpreting important information in a wide array of environments. Such accuracy is particularly important in the context of the Oil and Gas industry as it pinpoints errs that would have otherwise led to large financial losses, environmental damage, and safety issues. The bottom line is the industrial power generation industry needs highly accurate sensors to work safely and efficiently.

LVDTs and Gas Turbines

Fully customized Sentech LVDTs are becoming that much more commonplace in the power generation industries. Gas turbine applications include Valve Position, Inlet Guide Vane, and Stop Ratio LVDTs. Any business that needs a fully customized solution for a gas turbine application will benefit from our LVDTs. Aside from providing a customized LVDT design for industrial power generation, we also provide LVDTs for steam plants across the globe.

Sentech is one of the world’s top suppliers of LVDTs for use in unison with gas turbines. For example, GE gas turbines rely on Sentech LVDTs. Our team is proud to provide the fastest delivery time in the entire industry, providing reliable products that help generate ample power on time. Each of our LVDTs is 100% compliant with industry requirements as well as the highly nuanced requirements of GE.

Functionality in Extreme Environments

Subsea LVDTs function deep below water where the pressure is egregiously high and conditions are extreme. Our fully submersible LVDTs are built to endure pressure amounting to thousands of pounds per square inch, functioning for decades and providing the information necessary for operators to do their job the right way. These sensors serve an essential role for energy extraction in both the oil and gas industries in underwater environments.

Temperature is also important in the context of oil and gas operations that occur underwater. These high and low temperatures make it that much riskier for sensors as well as other equipment that gathers information to function as designed. However, our engineers have gone to great lengths to design our sensors to endure such temperature extremes and continue functioning.

Our sensors have myriad applications for companies in the Oil and Gas sectors, preventing blowouts on oil wells, ensuring the optimal drill direction and pipeline monitoring. We even customize such sensors for clients’ nuanced needs and applications. Our LVDT sensors are resistant to pressure to the point that they facilitate exploration deep down in the sea, setting the stage for the extraction of Oil and Gas in a highly efficient manner despite this inherently challenging environment.

power generation sensors, Lvdt applications, lvdt uses and applications, linear variable differential transformer sensor, Linear variable differential transformer applications

Key Takeaways:

  • LVDTs are playing an increasingly important role in the generation of power
  • LVDTs are built to last, providing the reliability that doesn’t waver even when temperatures are extreme.
  • Subsea LVDTs are built to endure egregiously high pressure and extreme conditions.
  • Linear variable differential transformer applications continue to expand as time progresses.

Sentech is at Your Service

We are proud to provide LVDTs for businesses in the industrial power generation industry. Sentech is a worldwide leader in the designing and manufacturing of these position sensors. If you have any questions about how we can help your organization, reach out to us today by dialing (888) 461-8324 or by filling out our online contact form.

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