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Application of a LVDT other than Displacement

Friday, March 26, 2021

Linear Variable Differential Transformer Sensors (LVDTs) are used in a wide variety of industries and for a multitude of reasons. This is true because they are robust, rugged, and most of all, reliable. Furthermore, LVDTs are used because of their fast response time. This has caused LVDTs to become the go-to sensor for those working in industries that require constant maintenance and depend on fully functional parts. Given the fact that they are also low maintenance, they do not require constant servicing or fixing due to everyday wear and tear. While LVDTs are commonly used for displacement, that is not their only use. Here is a closer look at other LVDT applications in real life, other than displacement.

Hydraulics Control

One of the top Linear Variable Differential Transformer applications other than displacement is hydraulics control. In particular, LVDTs can help when things go wrong. So, if need be, a LVDT can shut down the turbine, if something unusual is occurring. LVDTs will provide the position of either the actuator or valve stem, and based on that, it could open or close the door while controlling the energy. Moreover, LVDTs can indicate or be used as a monitor to shut down the turbine and look into that flow if there is more wear and tear on the hydraulics.

Safety Monitoring and Detection

LVDTs can also be used for safety monitoring and detection. They can be used to monitor or detect safety issues. They can help you detect the conditions when something goes wrong. So, while this is somewhat related to displacement, indirectly we use the information about the position or the displacement to figure out some other parameters, such as velocity or safety, and other aspects related to keeping us safe.

To Indicate Material Strength

In terms of LVDT uses and applications, LVDTs can also be used to measure material strength. In particular, it can be used to indicate the material strength of steel, or tensile strength, which is the maximum stress that any given material can withstand when being pulled or stretched without breaking. It's also used to measure the viscosity, or how the material is ductile like indoor rubber or plastic. This makes the use of LVDTs ideal in industries such as aerospace, which relies on a wide variety of functioning parts to work together without bending, creaking, or malfunctioning.

Key Takeaways:

  • LVDTs have a wide variety of applications in a large range of industries.
  • LVDTs can also be used to indicate material strength and assess how durable any given material may be.

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