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3 Applications of LVDTs in the Aerospace Industry

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs) have a wide variety of uses and applications. This is because they are versatile, reliable, rugged, and robust, among other reasons. LVDTs are also highly preferred because they are cost-effective and low maintenance, meaning people do not have to worry about them becoming easily damaged or serviced regularly

Aerospace LVDT Applications

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LVDTs are considered imperative to maintaining the Aerospace industry since they have many different applications to give the aircraft the most optimum flight. The following is a list of some of the applications of LVDTs in Aerospace:

1. Flight Control

One of the top applications of LVDTs in Aerospace is flight control. In particular, they are used on ailerons, elevators, rudders, spoilers, landing gears, and flappers. Flight control actuators are also a part of the engines, meaning they can be used in the stator vane, thrust reverser, engine control systems, etc.

2. Hydraulics

LVDTs are also intricately involved in Aerospace hydraulics. This means they are a part of the environmental control systems which allows planes to be able to fly and stay safe regardless of the environmental conditions they are facing.

3. Landing Gear Systems

Another use of LVDT applications in Aerospace is landings. Particularly, they are used on the wings or the flat bronze. The use of LVDTs in landings becomes critical anytime flight conditions turn hazardous, whether it be because of the weather or something going wrong with the aircraft.  This makes them essential for avoiding accidents and keeping passengers safe in conditions of all kinds.

The Rugged Reliability of LVDTs

Lastly, LVDTs are reliable. Once installed, rest assured the product will perform. This means they not only help to keep planes and other aircraft safe, but they support functions that make the aircraft more reliable while limiting downtime. When using LVDTs the plane will be in the air making money for the airline as opposed to being on the ground for maintenance and repair.

lvdt aerospace, aerospace lvdt, applications of lvdt in aerospace, Aerospace lvdt manufacturers, Aerospace sensors

Key Takeaways:

  • LVDTs are used in a wide variety of industries and environments, however, Aerospace is one realm in which they are considered critical.
  • LVDTs have many applications in Aerospace such as landing gears, hydraulics, and flight controls.
  • LVDTs help to keep aircraft safe while also reducing the need for maintenance and downtime.

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